Why The City of Ballarat?


The 1100 staff members of the City of Ballarat serve at locations all across the city.

As a civil servant, you are expected to uphold the highest standards of efficiency, competence and integrity in all matters affecting your work and status.  Integrity includes probity, impartiality, fairness, honesty and truthfulness. 

Benefits & Pay

The City of Ballarat offers you an attractive remuneration package with competitive pay, as determined by our Award.  We are also able to offer you:

  • 4 weeks annual leave per annum + 17.5% leave loading
  • 9.25% superannuation
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Study Leave
  • 12 days per annum paid sick leave, accumulative

Career Support

  • 6 month Orientation Program
  • Manager Development Program
  • Bi-annual Performance mentoring
  • Bi-annual pre-retirement information sessions

Wellbeing ProgramTop of document.

At the City of Ballarat we take your health and wellbeing seriously.  We offer an extensive range of wellbeing activities including:

  • Weekly Fitness Schedule – Boot camp, Yoga, Aqua, Spin
  • Nutrition sessions
  • Weekly Physio
  • Wellbeing Challenges
  • Celebration of national awareness days
  • Discounted gym memberships
  • Health checks
  • Red25 – Blood donation


Family FriendlyTop of document.

At the City of Ballarat we pride ourselves on being family friendly.  We understand that you have other commitments outside of work and we will help you as much as we can in order to have a balanced work/family life.  We offer:

Flexible work hours

  • Part time hours: offering reduced-hour working weeks (less than 38 hours).
  • Flexible hours: work earlier or later in the day.Flexible work arrangements
  • Job sharing: where two or more people on part-time hours share one full-time job (job dependent).
  • Teleworking: work from home, mobile offices or public places.

Leave arrangements

  • 13 weeks paid parental leave + 2 weeks paid concurrent leave:  includes adoption leave.
  • Family/carers leave:  leave can be taken when a family emergency occurs.
  • 48/52 purchased leave: ability to access extra leave by reducing their annual salary.
  • Unpaid leave for school holidays: staff with school-aged children may be able to take unpaid leave during school holidays.


Diversity EmploymentTop of document.

Diversity is an important part of the City of Ballarat.  We respect and learn from each other’s differences and rely on them to find more creative ways to solve everyday challenges.

At the City of Ballarat diversity is a strategic focus of our Recruitment Strategy.  We are committed to supporting people with disability and people from an indigenous/torrs straight island background gain employment and develop their careers with us.

We recognise that for many, there may be barriers towards gaining meaningful employment.  Our recently updated recruitment process offers better support and helps people be confident in their approach to seeking employment.

Our commitment to people with disability or indigenous/torrs straight island background is a guarantee to interview one person who closely meets the key selection criteria of any advertised position.  Their disability or background will not be an obstacle to successful employment should they be the preferred applicant.