What we look for


Does making a difference motivate you? Are you driven to be a part of making Ballarat a better place for people to live their lives?

We want people with integrity. People who are fair, impartial, honest and truthful. We want dynamic and adaptable persons who are not afraid to think creatively, to be proactive, flexible and responsive.


  • At all times act with integrity, being reliable and responsible
  • Celebrate success and reward achievement
  • Be passionate and energetic – choose your attitude
  • Take ownership of actions, be responsible to our teams
  • Setting achievable and realistic goals
  • Being open and honest, with regular communication
  • Communicate vision and purpose
  • Embrace a challenge, confront mediocrity
  • Enabling performance and growth
  • Make informed decisions, do not assume
  • Lead positive change


  • Be available, be part of the team, turn up to meetings.
  • Focus on positivity
  • Listen to and encourage each other
  • Be authentic, develop trust
  • Arm our staff with information, tell the good news stories.
  • Contribute to the purpose, show pride in what we do.
  • Be an advocate for the organisation, publicly back each other.
  • Openly communicate, show transparency
  • Do not tolerate negativity
  • Don’t flip on decisions


  • Doing what we say we will do
  • Commit time to thinking outside the box, working ‘on’ the business
  • Collaborate to focus on and find solutions, breaking down silo’s.
  • Being open to change, fresh ideas and risk taking
  • Feeling ok to questions things, without negative consequences
  • Making informed, evidence based decisions
  • Responding to customers’ needs in a timely manner
  • Having pride in what we do
  • Striving to be an industry leader
  • Recognizing and celebrate our success
  • Be clever and creative, deliver quality over quantity.


  • Meet and exceed expectations.
  • Encourage staff to deliver key goals and follow up
  • Acknowledge keys steps/milestones and involve the team.
  • Be collaborative, with the organisation and the community.
  • Manage expectations and deliver what you say you are going to deliver
  • Take ownership, walk the talk.
  • Measuring success against goals set
  • Persistence and focused on the end goal
  • Goals are promoted by managers
  • Take strategic risks


If you think you embody these values then the City of Ballarat is the place for you and your career.

Managerial CompetenciesTop of document.



It is important for staff to have a vision of how the City of Ballarat will fulfil its objectives and carry out its work.  Understanding the direction provides clarity and makes people enthusiastic about the future. It also helps staff members to see the link between what they do every day and the overarching goals of the City of Ballarat.


We hear about leaders every day, some who are great and charismatic, and others who inspire us to change. At the City of Ballarat, leaders serve as role models for the staff.  They listen before they act; and while they nurture relationships and gain broad support, they also make tough decisions and drive change that is necessary. They make things happen with the support of others.

Empowering Others

Having a manager who shows trust and confidence in you is essential for success. A good manager delegates responsibilities, is clear about what is expected, and values everyone’s inputs and expertise.

Managing Performance

Managers are required to complete staff performance appraisals, have discussions about career planning and learning objectives, as well as the competencies necessary to complete performance goals.  It is not always easy to have these discussions, but giving and receiving feedback and having an on-going dialogue about performance is both rewarding and helpful.

Building Trust

When a leader of a team trusts you, it empowers you and makes you proud to be part of that team. A good manager is open to others’ views, follows up as promised and gives the team due credit. It is great working in an environment where you feel free to speak openly and know that your opinions are valued.