Sport & Recreation Strategies


Sport and Recreation Strategies

Tennis Strategy - 2005

With 14 tennis facilities built on Council owned and/or managed land the Ballarat City Council plays a key role in the provision of these facilities. Comprising a total of 80 tennis courts, these venues have a replacement value of about $4 million.

Offering a range of programs and services to tennis players within the municipality, the Ballarat Tennis Federation, local tennis associations and tennis clubs are also supported by Council.

After analysing participation rates, reviewing the condition of tennis facilities and examining the range of tennis programs and services available across the municipality, the Tennis Development Strategy 2005 (PDF) (PDF - 221KB) formulates a guide to improving tennis facilities over the next decade with recommendations to improve the sustainability and functionality of local tennis clubs and tennis associations.


Play Space Planning Framework - 2010

This play space planning framework has been prepared in response to the principles and directions of the City of Ballarat’s Council Plan, Health and Well Being Plan, Open Space Strategy and Recreation Strategy.

It provides a planning framework from which play spaces will be improved and developed over the next 5-10 years.

Play is an activity that people of all ages enjoy and Council’s role is to provide a good quality and well distributed range of opportunities throughout the urban and rural areas of the municipality.

This includes the provision of play spaces in parks, youth activity spaces in both urban spaces and parkland, and areas that promote natural play and playful
activity in green open spaces.

The communities of the City of Ballarat will be consulted as each priority of this framework is implemented, to ensure that outcomes are responsive to community needs and aspirations.

This document also guides the establishment of new play spaces that will be
handed over to Council by developers as new subdivisions are completed.

Download the Play Space Planning Framework 2010

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