Positive Ageing Framework


City of Ballarat Councillors adopted the Positive Ageing Framework 2015-2018 at an Ordinary Council Meeting on Wednesday 23 September, 2015.

The Positive Ageing Framework aims to maximise the quality of life, participation and social recognition of Ballarat seniors.

It also provides an action plan for Council, the community and other stakeholders.

The Framework builds on the City of Ballarat’s Positive Ageing Strategy 2008-2013, which was developed in response to the challenges of an ageing population.

The City of Ballarat values the idea of positive ageing and is striving to reflect this in its culture, services, planning and construction.

Some of the focus areas for the City of Ballarat and the community are: 

  • Building spaces that enhance the mobility and independence of all people with disabilities. 
  • Establishing safe and secure neighbourhoods that allow all age groups to enjoy and be confident with being outdoors, exploring their neighbourhoods and participating in physical leisure and social activities. 
  • Reducing family stress by ensuring the elderly have required community support and health services. 
  • Ensuring the community benefits from the participation of older people in paid and volunteer work. 

The Positive Ageing Advisory Committee played an invaluable role in developing the Framework. 

The committee is made up of Ballarat District Nursing and Healthcare, Ballarat North Neighbourhood House, U3A, Victoria Police and a range of community representatives.

Read the Positive Ageing Framework here.

Positive Ageing