Early Years Plan for Ballarat


Municipal Early Years Plan 2015-2018 

Early Years Plan Cover ImageThe Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD) encourages all local Councils to develop a Municipal Early Years Plan (MEYP). Producing a plan that specifically considers children and their families enables the City of Ballarat and Council to make informed decisions, and to develop and better evaluate early years services, activities and facilities delivered by local government. Implementing the Municipal Early Years Plan involves collaboration with City of Ballarat departments, and partnerships with all levels of government and community organisations, to ensure Ballarat continues to grow as a Child Friendly City, providing life-long benefits for all children, their families and our community.

The Municipal Early Years Plan 2015-2018 is the City of Ballarat’s third MEYP. The Plan builds on the strengths and achievements of past plans and uses local evidence and consultation with stakeholders to guide decision-making and identify key priorities for the next four years.

Ballarat’s Children 2015 SnapshotTop of document.

The State of Ballarat’s Children 2015: A Snapshot Report

Early Years Snapshot COver ImageDid you know…

  • 18% of Ballarat children in Prep have asthma, above the Victorian average of 14%?
  • The rate of Ballarat children 0 to four years hospitalised for dental conditions is more than double the state average?
  • Ballarat has 100% attendance rates for four year-old kindergarten and the first Maternal Health visit?
  • The number of Ballarat children that were victims of crime was almost double the Victorian average in 2011/12?
  • Ballarat prep students at government school have less absent days than the state average?
  • 7% of people living in Ballarat ran out of food in 2011 and could not afford to buy more?
  • In Ballarat, 12% of all households are experiencing housing stress?

The Snapshot Report is a fascinating collection of data painting a detailed picture of life for children in Ballarat, and how our city compares to the rest of Victoria and Australia. It is a ground-breaking publication that provides a measurable report card for local family and children’s services.

The Snapshot Report will be updated every two years to chart progress in the areas of concern and to keep informed of the state of our children.