The State Government has amended the Domestic Animals Act 1994 with the objective of further improving animal management outcomes in Victoria. Please visit the Agriculture - Domestic Animal Management Plans for more information.

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The City of Ballarat has developed the Draft Domestic Animal Management Plan 2017-2021Community feedback is incredibly valuable to the development of the Domestic Animal Management Plan. Please visit myTownHall to have your say on the draft.

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Under Section 68A of the Domestic Animals Act, every Council must prepare and implement a Domestic Animal Management Plan every 4 year interval with the objective to outline Council’s plans for animal management.

Download a copy of the 2012-2016 Domestic Animal Management Plan

The purposes of this DAMP are to:

  • Document current processes and practices under the Ballarat City Council's animal management responsibilities
  • Increase compliance with the Domestic Animals Act 1994
  • Develop pet owners' knowledge of the principles of responsible pet ownership
  • Assist the Bureau of Animal Welfare to achieve its stated objectives of reducing the numbers of dogs and cats being euthanased
  • Maximise the numbers of dogs and cats that are registered in the Ballarat municipality
  • Minimise the harmful effect of domestic pets on the population of native birds, mammals and reptiles
  • Take into account community views on animal management matters
  • Comply with the relevant provisions of the Domestic Animals Act 1994