Disability Access and Inclusion Plan


People with a disability want to be able to live, work and socialise in the same way as everyoneelse. They want the same opportunities to use services such as safe and reliable transport, easily accessible buildings and public spaces, and support from families, friends and communities to fulfil their aspirations. Developing a Disability Access and Inclusion Plan that specifically considers the needs of people with a disability helps Council and the City of Ballarat to understand the obstacles that prevent people from being a full and inclusive member of the community, enabling actions to be developed and implemented that focus on reducing barriers to access. 

It is a requirement of the Victorian Disability Act 2006 that local council has a Disability Action Plan and reports on this plan every year to make sure it is being put into practice. The Plan assists local government to meet its obligations under Federal and State Government antidiscrimination legislation, and to promote the rights of people with disabilities to live and participate in the community on an equal basis.

In addition to the Disability Act, the City of Ballarat has legal obligations under the:

The Disability Access and Inclusion Plan 2015-2017 is Council’s third Disability Access and Inclusion Plan. The Plan builds on the strengths and achievements of past strategies and uses local evidence and consultation with stakeholders to guide decision-making and identify key priorities to be addressed over the next three years.