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The Council Plan 2013-17 set out this Council’s vision for Ballarat and the new infrastructure and key projects and services that we will deliver to stimulate our city’s economy, create jobs and meet the needs of our growing city.

In preparing this review we have the opportunity to reflect on how well we have delivered our priorities over the past year and what our focus will be in the year ahead.

We are extremely proud of our achievements in the first year of this Council’s term and the positive outcomes that have been delivered for our residents. A highlight was the December launch of the Ballarat Regional Capital Plan which provides the State Government with our community’s shared vision to position Ballarat as the ‘Capital of Western Victoria’. The Ballarat Regional Capital Plan was developed using input from our community through the Ballarat Imagine process and from key regional stakeholders. This vision outlines our aspiration for Ballarat to provide a capital city experience for residents across our region, to contribute to our economic wealth and cultural breadth, and to further build a vibrant and vital city with a thriving retail, commercial, educational and cultural heart.

Looking ahead, we are more determined than ever to seek innovative and creative ways to deliver what is needed to build a better future for Ballarat and at a higher standard than ever before. In response to feedback from our community, we will provide more support for community led projects that build stronger communities and we will strengthen our resolve to deliver projects and programs that improve health and wellbeing outcomes for our residents.

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Planning Framework



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Previous Plans

Council is required in each of the intervening financial years to review and make any necessary adjustments to the Council Plan.  This exercise was undertaken in 2011/12, the second year of the Plan, and on 27 June 2012 Council approved and adopted the revised Council Plan 2009 -2013 which particularly takes account of the activities to be undertaken in the 2012/13 financial year.

This document also has a Strategic Resource Plan 2009 - 2013 (SRP) attached to it which outlines the financial and non-financial resources required to support the implementation of the Council Plan.  Accordingly, the SRP was also adjusted in line with the revisions made in the Council Plan.

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