Community Engagement Framework


As a policy document the Community Engagement Framework sets out a whole of Council commitment to, and understanding of, community engagement in Ballarat. We are not starting from scratch. We recognise that some effective community engagement has and is happening in the city. However, there are a number of processes that could

have been run more effectively and inclusively, and it is some time since Council put forward adocument renewing its commitment to the process of community engagement.

Through the production and implementation of this Framework our aim is to raise the profile, improve the quality and achieve better co-ordination of community engagement.

To produce this Community Engagement Framework we listened to what people have told us, reflected on previous and current community engagement across the city, and considered research that has already been done here and elsewhere.

The production of this document is a milestone point. We see community engagement as important in building a better relationship between, and a stronger understanding of, communities in Ballarat.

Community engagement is not a single activity; it is a way of working. It is about inclusion and involvement, input and influence. Engagement comes with an equal need for responsibility, accountability and a willingness to work with others towards a common goal. As our learning and practice develops, so will the communities.


Please view the Community Engagement Framework 2016 for more information.