Each year, Council is required by legislation to advertise its draft budget for 28 days and adopt it by 30 June.

The 2017/18 budget is the first budget for this Council’s four-year term and comes after Ballarat City Councillors launched their Draft Council Plan 2017-2021.

The Council Plan sets the vision, priorities and outcomes for Council’s term and guides the annual budget, which determines the projects, services events and other initiatives that will be funded and delivered in the upcoming financial year.

The plan and budget have been divided into four key pillars: Liveability, Prosperity, Sustainability and Accountability.



  • $4.2 million for Sport and Recreation projects
  • $335,000 for neighbourhood playgrounds and play spaces 
  • $286, 840 for neighbourhood parks
  • $2.9 million for Ballarat’s three libraries and outreach service
  • $368,000 for the City of Ballarat Community Impact Grants Program
  • $936,539 for the Engaging Communities Program
  • $1 million for social infrastructure

The following major projects continue in 2017/18 in partnership with the State Government:

  • Ballarat Sports and Events Centre, $5 million – City of Ballarat and $9 million – State Government
  • Eureka Stadium, $15 million – State Government
  • Lucas Community Hub, $2.65 million – City of Ballarat and $1.6 million – State Government 


  • $221,000 for public art and restoring city monuments
  • $620,000 for Bicycle Strategy projects, bicycle paths and footpaths
  • $2.775 million funding for events
  • $1,673 million for the Ballarat Art Gallery
  • $620,485 for Her Majesty’s Theatre
  • $1.675 million for the provision of Economic Development projects to enhance the business community
  • $2.832 million contribution to Visit Ballarat
  • $1 million contribution to M.A.D.E

The following major project continues in 2017/18 in partnership with the State Government:

  • Ballarat West Employment Zone, $5 million – City of Ballarat and $25 million – State Government
  • Civic Hall site, $8 million – City of Ballarat and $47.8 million – State Government


  • $2.6 million to maintain Council buildings
  • $13 million for road maintenance, construction and renewal
  • $210,000 for bridge repairs
  • $620,000 for city presentation projects including street furniture, city entrances, street irrigation and landscaping, public place recycling and bus shelters
  • $811,000 for drainage projects
  • $540,000 for footpath works
  • $2.1 million to upgrade the Smythesdale Landfill
  • $1.8 million for street lighting
  • $15.671 million for waste and recycling services and programs
  • Continued roll-out of a green waste service

The following major project continues in 2017/18 in partnership with the State Government:

  • Ballarat Link Road, $38 million – State Government



The City of Ballarat has proposed a 2% rate increase for the 2017/18 financial year. The increase is applied to all ratepayers.  

Waste Management Service Charge: This charge covers both the weekly collection of household waste and the fortnightly collection and disposal of recyclables. Residential properties that are provided with a waste removal service will be charged a total of $308 per collection in 2017/18.

Green Waste Charge: This charge covers the fortnightly collection of household green waste.  This service was introduced as part of the 2016/17 budget.  The cost is $63 per collection for 2017/18.

Fire Services Levy: All councils in Victoria are legislated to collect the Fire Services Levy on behalf of the State Government.  This charge is required to be included in your rates.

Rates Waiver for eligible pensioners: Eligible pensioners who live alone in their own home and are solely responsible for the payment of rates and charges on that property will benefit from a rebate on their residential rate bill in the 2017/18 financial year to the sum of $90. The City of Ballarat provides the rate relief to assist with cost of living pressures for older members of our community.